Travel Photographer

Hire a Professional Travel Photographer Today!

Looking to hire a photographer? Caroline Carniel Photography is at your service. Caroline is a seasoned pro with a true passion for great photography. She is now offering her services as a travel photographer to residents of Hawaii and beyond.


Caroline believes that there are five essential elements of great travel photography. Those elements are:


  • Passion

  • Inspiration

  • Creativity

  • Timing

  • Composition


A great photograph tells a story. Like any great story, a photo must evoke passion if it’s expected to stand the test of time. If you look at a photograph and feel nothing, it’s unlikely you’ll remember that photo once it’s out of your sight. The passion the photographer had for capturing the scene must translate through the photo.


If it doesn’t, there is no way the viewer will feel anything when they see it. A great photo also must be inspirational. Seeing a great surf photo makes you want to go surfing. Seeing a beautiful portrait of a sunset makes you wish you were there watching it in person. If a photo doesn’t inspire in some small way, it hasn’t done its job.


Creativity is vital in any art form. If the viewer has already seen a better version of what you’ve captured, there’s no point in even taking the shot. The point of art to innovate. A great travel photographer knows how to go where no one has gone before and capture an image that is bold and unique.


Timing and composition are two vital components of a great photograph that can only be mastered over time. It’s an instinct that must be developed over years of practice. Caroline has developed that instinct. The proof is in the quality of her work. If you’re looking to hire a photographer, give her a call today. She is happy to chat and answer any of your questions about rates and availability.