Surf Photographer

The Key to Great Surf and Underwater Photography

Caroline Carniel is a travel photographer based in Haleiwa, Oahu. She has become an expert in surf and underwater photography, and she is now offering her unique skills to the people of Hawaii.


The key to great surf photography is timing. Surfing is a synthesis of human and natural motion. A good surf photographer has to know how to pay attention to the movements of the subject and the movements of the waves in order to capture the perfect shot. You could get a shot right as a wave peaks, but if the subject is at a bad angle, it will ruin the photo. Likewise, if the subject is in a good position, but if the waves are at a bad angle, it will obscure the surfer. Knowing how to time a shot and position yourself in the right place is the key to great surf photography.


Underwater photography is slightly different. Timing is important, but it’s your overall strategy and approach that will determine if you succeed or fail. First of all, you need the right equipment. If you don’t invest in a camera that can handle the situation, you’re doomed from the start. Underwater photography is all about instinct. You don’t have as much time to wait for the perfect moment – you have to create it. The key is to have a clear goal and plan of attack. If you simply jump in the water with a camera, you’re not likely to get the results you’re looking for. But if you take your time and stick to a plan, you’re much more likely to come away with an amazing result.


For the best surf and underwater Photography in Oahu, contact Caroline Carniel today. She can help you plan your shoot and produce beautiful images, no matter what the scenario.