What are you afraid of?


I have slept under the stars in the Sahara, I have surfed in Hawaii, biked in Amsterdam, hitchhiked all over Europe, eaten pasta in Italy, drank wine in France and seen Machupichu, I have road tripped around Mexico and eaten oysters fresh out of a fisherman’s boat, I have fished salmon in Alaska, I have dove in a tiny island in Panama and gone to Costa Rica with random people I’ve met on the road, I have met a professional poker player in Las Vegas, partied in Budapest and Prague, spent my 24th birthday in Berlin with some of my closest friends which we all barely remember, I camped in a freezing night in Portugal after living in the middle of nowhere in Spain and I picked up a hobby and a career that changed my life in Morocco.

I have traveled to more than 30 countries, done the most amount of odd jobs and lived on boats, hostels, tents, in a van and on friends’ couch for a bit, and all of this hassle paid off because i had a purpose and i knew i was doing the right thing. I wanted to travel the world, i couldn't afford to do it in a luxurious way(and even if i could i would not) so i had to do it my own way. And I am still pretty shocked of how everything worked out.

It all started as a "let's see how long 600 euros can last" thinking a couple months, but five years later here i am, in Hawaii, living a very simple life but in a place that i could never imagined stepping a foot on a few years back. Needless to say that the 600 bucks did vanish but i needed it to start. This is still a great reminder to me that you don’t need to see the whole way ahead of you but you do need to take that first step if you actually want to see what is out there.

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