vagabond diaries

{this was written on my journal, on a train ride in England}

August, 15th, 2018

I am in my mid 20's and i live on the road. I don't have much aside of my backpack, some friends, stories and mistakes. I have to constantly remind myself that that's enough.

My dream is to choose the life I want to live, and maybe share it with someone I love, when we are both ready. No rush.

I watch my friends in awe as they start a family, buy their first house, get a promotion at work, build their lives, their families, step by step.

I know that one day that person will be me, when i am ready.

But as of right now, i couldn't feel further from every expectation that was project on me by my family, or from how society works, from the normal life. By any means i am here to say whats right and whats wrong, i just know what hasn't worked for me so far, and what i do not even want to try. It's called freedom, I'm pretty sure.

There are so many places to go, people to meet and things to do, waves to surf, lessons to learn. Yes, not being sure of what you want, or having a solid future, house, partner, children or any of that may seem crazy to some, and even to me sometimes, because as i said before: i want that, but when i am ready. Whenever that is.

Right now i just want to understand why i am here, and i will search for the answers wherever they are, hopefully all over the world.



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