The end is just a new beginning

Shannon moved back to Amsterdam after two months in Spain, doing our first workaway and just couldn't go home. I found another work away gig. I would be babysitting for a Belgium single mom.⁠

At the time I was dating someone who was also on his travels and who taught me how to camp, hitchhike and how to live with almost nothing. I will forever cherish those lessons, since they were what kept me on the road for so long. ⁠

Justin, lived in Malaga and on my time off I would bike to his house (about 12 miles). To be fair, those were my favorite memories about that month, just riding my bike alone, watching the sun rise on the Spanish coast and just a few people would be awake, it was quite precious.⁠

We would bike around the whole city looking for holes on the wall kinda cafes and restaurants, where no tourists would be found and food costed 1/5 of the price. ⁠

On our last weekend together we decided to go on an adventure. We wanted to hitchhike to Granada which was a short 2 hour trip, but this Belgium couple who stopped for us was going all the way to Faro, Portugal and we then decided we would tag along with them, instead. Well, I had never been to Portugal and I was eager to go somewhere I had never been. ⁠

The trip took about 5 hours and it was a pleasant drive, when we got there it was about 7pm and we were invited to dine with the Belgium couple at a local seafood restaurant, which to this day is one of my favorite meals yet. ⁠

We set camp next to the water and an abandoned building (lol) and I think I have never been that cold in my whole life, but just to be living such moments and feeling free was worth the sleepless night. ⁠

Next morning after we packed, we went around to explore the town but it was pretty empty on a cold November morning. We found the cutest farmers market and a local bakery where we had breakfast before we had to hitchhike back to Spain. On the next morning I was catching my flight to Morocco and that was the last time I saw Justin, too. ⁠

I had no idea how much life was about to change.⁠

Continues next Wednesday.⁠

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