The beginning of the real journey

If you've made this far in my blog posts: THANK YOU!

And if you've read my last one you know that I had landed in Amsterdam to be an Aupair for a whole year, then to hopefully stay in Europe legally and find volunteer work+ places to go that wouldn't cost a fortune.

My friend Shannon who is from Scotland joined me on this quest, where she as well wanted to see the world but didn't have a dime on her name, just like me.

We spent so much time researching things and places to go that our lives revolved around that for, I'd say good six months.

We found some odd jobs cleaning and babysitting in our town and at the end we were able to save altogether 1000 euros. Not a fortune, not even close, but we were stubborn and that did not stop us.

For me to remain in Europe legally I had to go to the UK first then come back to the Schengen zone with my tourist visa instead of my Aupair one. We planned a trip to Scotland to see Shann's family and we even went to England for a bit (her home was 5miles away from the border haha).

After 3 weeks of being "home" and having food on the table and a comfortable bed to sleep on we decided it was about time to go and live without those things, before we got too comfortable.

We took off to Spain, Malaga, to be more precise where we found our first work away experience: A beautiful 4 star hotel in the middle of nowhere, yay!

It was supposed to be a month thing but we stayed for 2 whole months in the Spanish countryside. We help the owners who were already in their 60's keep the hotel tidy, cleaning the rooms and he

lping with breakfast. Shann and I had a whole house to ourselves and a pool, we had too much free time, which we used to sit by the pool and talk about what we were going to do next. We had plans of going to Africa and working on orphanages. But we also had lots of fears and why's, on top of our parents calling us with big questions like "wtf you two doing out there?" "why you're not in school?" "who's the crazy girl you're traveling with?" and many more...

After two months, lots of soul-searching and talking, trying to understand the big why's and what was out there and if we could handle it, we had come to a decision: Shannon was going to go back to Amsterdam and I was gonna go on my adventure alone.

Continues next Wednesday

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