Please God, don't make me go back home before I have seen the world.

I had made it to Europe, to Amsterdam specifically. ⁠ I arrived with two huge suitcases and little to no money on my name.⁠ I was gonna work for a family of doctors who had 3 beautiful children. ⁠ If you know a bit about the aupair program you know that we make little to no money doing it, but nonetheless is a "cheap" way to live abroad, and I highly recommend it.⁠ My hosts were extremely thoughtful and nice when I presented them the situation that I could not afford my 1200 euro ticket so they paid it for me, but I was gonna pay it back every month, so instead of 340 euro per month I was gonna make 240. ⁠ I knew Europe was gonna be expensive and that was very little money, but I made a point that I was gonna travel and make it happen while I was there, for what I thought it was only gonna be one year of traveling. ⁠ I've thought that traveling on a budget would be more stressful and impossible but honestly I had so much fun playing around with my money and choosing what I wanted to spend it on, instead of blindingly spending it on unnecessary things.⁠ One of my favorite trips during that time was to a small town in Germany called Cologne where it was my first time using Couchsurfing too. ⁠ I stayed with a girl named Julia who was a sweetheart and my plan was to hike up to the drielandenpunt where Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany meet. It's pretty much being in three places at the same time. I am not much of a hiker, I'd rather be in the ocean but the feeling of planning something alone and going for it, which was an adventure made me so so happy and fulfilled that I realized I was very very far from being done exploring. ⁠ That's when my world started revolving around staying in Europe legally and finding volunteer work, places to stay, how to do it, and saving money to do it all. ⁠ My main google and YouTube search was: "how to travel when you are broke and lost" hahaha and I got so much information about programs, apps, and even booking flights for less. ⁠ ⁠ The next months that followed I only had one goal: to not return home. ⁠ ⁠

Continues next Wednesday

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