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When I decided to travel I knew I would wanna do it in a different way, in a way that I wouldn’t have a return ticket or a hotel booked.

I was 18 when I got a scholarship to study in the US. I moved to Missouri after working 4 jobs for a whole year, I saved all the money I could possibly have saved as a 18 year-old in Brazil.

I had a 50% academic scholarship, and with the money I had saved I was gonna pay for the other 50%, tickets, visa, books and surviving in general.

I knew from the beginning it would be a struggle, since I had to get good grades, work in the school cafeteria and start a new life in a totally new place.

Long story short, my parents weren’t able to help me pay for the next semester and I wasn’t making enough money to afford it either so I had to quit. I was in school for one semester and a summer, which was great because at the time I could take 3 classes for free as long as I worked 6 hours a day. Landscaping. In 110 degrees heat waves. On top of going to work and classes every day. That summer was brutal to say the least, but it taught me to be resilient, to be there fully present and giving my 100% even when I was feeling miserable.

I exhausted my options of staying in the states and trying to go to school without owing the bank all my organs so I left.

Going home gave me the feeling that I had failed, that I was going backwards. I was supposed to be gone for 4 years, but 8 months later I was back at where I had started. I was broke, hopeless and it felt like the whole world around me was catching on that vibe and feeling the same way. My parents were getting divorced, my dad was closing his business and all my friends had moved to go to college. I remember those days very vividly but I knew there was a light at the end of the tunel.

A friend called a few days later asking me if I wanted to move in with her.

She lived in Florianopolis (pls google it if you don’t know it, its a beautiful place in Southern Brazil).

2 days later she was picking me up and we were off to a new adventure, oh and it was a hell of an adventure.

Continues next Wednesday

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