Being your own boss and prioritizing YOUR ideas and freedom.

It's funny how fast life can change and how often I catch myself doing things I once sworn I'd never do, like having my own business.

When I first started thinking that I could make some extra bucks with photography that is all it was: some extra bucks, a side gig, no more.

This year I saw myself quitting my main job, investing in courses, gear, workshops, networking and spending zillions of hours on YouTube looking up how I could do all this full time.

I wanted something I never thought I did: BE MY OWN BOSS.

Let’s be honest, we like to romanticize things but the first thing that pops in my head as soon I hear those words are: MAYHEM! Firstly, because I have almost no idea of what I am doing, besides taking pictures, then there is the “I'm never off the clock” feeling, the constant search for clients or tricks to make enough money to pay rent+food in HAWAII!!

I’ve wanted to be an employee my whole life, I guess, this is gonna hurt a bit (closing my eyes so I don't have to reread this) but I never trusted myself enough to succeed, I never thought I’d have enough money to do it or enough skills to avoid my business from sinking. BUT HERE I AM!! Standing and making it happen even though I was going against myself. Joke’s on me I suppose.

Here I am, the person that learned photography and editing from scratch, created a website with no experience, learned marketing and SEO on the go +

social media management, the person who sends out pitching emails, who runs ads, who sends out contracts and writes these blogs (which I have been slacking, I am sorry).

It's freaking scary, im not gonna lie, but most things that matter are, and at the end of the day you will be glad you did it.

Everything looks more challenging and discouraging when we are looking from the top of a 100-story building , but if you keep that eye-level view and take step by step, let me tell you, it gets pretty doable.

Remember where you were when you first started and where you are now, maybe that view from the 100th story is not that scary anymore.


Caroline Carniel.

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